Balls Unlimited Stage3 – Yellow/Red 12er Pack

€20.90 per test pack with 12 balls


Includes 19% MwSt.
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The Balls Unlimited Stage1 is 25% slower and 10% lighter than normal tennis balls thanks to its flex felt and specially tuned ball core.

It is the right choice for fine-tuning your technique.

The Balls Unlimited Stage1 is ITF certified and therefore meets all quality requirements for use in tournaments.

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Balleimer Balls Unlimited Stage3 - Gelb/Rot-0
Balleimer Balls Unlimited Stage3 - Gelb/Rot-111

Our offer is aimed at coaches, tennis schools and clubs as well as players with a high ball demand.
Therefore, our products are not available individually, but only in a box to be able to offer the best prices.

For testing purposes, you can purchase our test pack of 12 balls for 20.90 euros including shipping costs.