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Information about our balls

What types of balls are there?

Generally speaking, there are two different production processes for tennis balls, which fully utilise their product advantages depending on the area of use.

However, the specifications of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) apply to all balls, regardless of which production process is used. These stipulate in detail which properties a tennis ball must have in order to receive the ITF approval.

Regular tennis balls (pressurized tennis balls):

These balls are manufactured in a ball press, which simultaneously provides the ball core with an internal higher air pressure, comparable to an inflated football.

However, as with a football, the ball core of the tennis ball loses its internal pressure over time, as natural rubber is not 100% airtight. This reduces the bounce height and also the hardness of the ball at the moment of impact.

You can counteract this effect with the right choice of tennis ball felt.

Balls Unlimited only uses high-quality English Playnes tennis ball felt. This is characterised by excellent cushioning at impact and a constant, slightly fluffy surface. The loss of felt fibres during the game
is evenly replaced by the deeper fibre composite. The felt becomes steadily thinner and reduces the dampening according to defined specifications.

When developing Balls Unlimited tennis balls, it was crucial that the decreasing internal pressure of the ball core and the reduction in cushioning of the Playnes tennis ball felt are systematically harmonised with each other and balance each other out for
as long as possible.

All this ensures extreme durability, a comfortable, arm-friendly game with consistent flight characteristics and a predictable, constant bounce height.

Pressureless tennis balls (unpressurised tennis balls):

Pressureless balls are made with a mixture of synthetic rubber and natural rubber, which is characterised by its inherent elasticity. Most people are familiar with this property
from the small jumping rubber balls known.

The ball gets its bounce solely from these elastic properties of the rubber and retains its bounce almost unchanged, even if it is played for a very long time. This is why unpressurised balls are often used by coaches and
ball machines are usually filled with them. This is why the use of high-quality, durable Playnes felt is so important for these balls, as they are only replaced with new balls when the felt is worn out.

Unfortunately, these balls are not as comfortable to play as internal pressure balls, but their durability is unrivalled.

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